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Book Review – Fancy Nancy

Title: Fancy Nancy

Written by: Jane O’Conner

Illustrated by: Robin Preiss Glasser

Published by: Harper Collins

Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy is an ingenious character who believes that less is definitely NOT more, when it comes to dressing up and being fabulous! From the top of her tiara down to her sparkly studded shoes, Nancy is determined to show everyone she meets a thing or two about being fancy. The stories are enchanting, warm and funny – with or without the frills.

The first book in the series is about how she transforms her family with her ‘How to be Fancy’ class. This book would be ideal for introducing a discussion on family outings and things families do together.

The Fancy Nancy picture book series are a wonderful blend of pattern, colour and action that are sure to appeal to any girls’ inner princess. Robin Preiss Glasser portrays her character and facial expressions perfectly.

They are excellent books to study if you are aspiring to be a picture book writer and want to discover how to develop characterisation and a voice that can carry a whole timeless series in your own children’s picture book.

An Interview with… Cliff McNish

In July, 2016, Cliff McNish talked to Papers Pens Poets about his newly discovered stationery idiosyncrasies. He thought he didn’t care about what pens/paper I used… until he realised, after we made him think about it, that he really, really did. Or did he?

Cliff McNish

Cliff revealed he prefers ink-roller pens to standard biro, and they usually have to be blue ones unless he is in a perverse mood and decides to use green. When he is sketching ideas he tends to start a new note pad. But not any note pad,  it needs to be A5 format.

“Here’s the weird thing … even if I only make 3 or 4 pages of notes before I go to the PC I then like to discard it and start with a new notebook for the next book. All that space wasted.” Cliff McNish

When he is signing books he prefers a sharpie fine point, preferable in blood red.

You can read the full interview here and you might just get the slight impression he really wasn’t taking it seriously. I think maybe he did the interview more as a favour for me than a real love of stationery. so thank you Cliff for being such as good sport and taking part. 🙂

Find out more about Cliff on his website and follow him on Twitter @cliffmcnish