Creative Writing Workshop

I am teaching another FREE creative writing workshop at Newbury Library this half-term. It is aimed at children between the ages of 10 to 16 years. There are only 25 places so booking is essential.

Creative Writing Oct 18 2018I have run similar workshops last year, and during the spring and summer half-terms this year. They have taken place at both Theale and Newbury libraries. These fun workshops have been very successful and quickly get over-subscribed.


2 thoughts on “Creative Writing Workshop

  1. Cath Howe

    I was really interested to read your Blog and get a feel for your workshops with young people.

    I liked the layout and feel of your Blog- the children pictured look like they are hard at work and focused on a task you’ve set them. I like the sense you convey that they are taken seriously as writers- it’s something very close to my own heart with my work in schools.
    The task you set, ‘scenarios where you feel different emotions’ sounds excellent. I often find I need to build a bank of ideas at the start of a workshop and encourage the children to take things slowly and share suggestions. I’m about to start working (next week in fact) with small groups of year 6’s in a school on one afternoon per week, to support their writing. A longer project (this one is for the rest of this term and whole of the spring term) allows me to get to know them really well and it’s my favourite kind of teaching.

    Thank you for your feature on my work in the November Writer’s Forum article. I was really delighted to see this in print and to have a focus on my drama work which has been so central to my development as a children’s writer. When I wrote “Ella on the Outside” which was published in May 2018, I think I was very influenced by my interest in drama and my long connection with running drama clubs and workshops. There’s something about the way children relate to one another, especially the subtle power play of groups, which really fascinates me. I like to write duologues where one character is much more powerful than another and get children up on their feet acting these out. “Ella on the Outside” is a lot to do with the power play of the playground, especially between girls. Do you use drama in your workshops?

    I will keep a look out for your blog- it’s so interesting to know another teacher/writer working in similar ways.

    1. amloughrey Post author

      Hi Cath,
      Thank you for your comment. I have done similar workshops with adults where we have brainstormed emotions in different scenarios and shared ideas as a stimulus for creative writing. Good luck with your Year 6 workshops.
      All the best

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