Book Review – An Atlas of Imaginary Places

Title: An Atlas of Imaginary Places

Written by: Mia Cassany

Illustrated by: Ana de Lima

Published by: Prestel Publishing

An Atlas of Imaginary Places

This unusual and beautifully illustrated atlas transports the reader into a fantastical world that nestles between reality and dreams. Children will discover mountains that grow upside-down, paper boats that transform into donut and cake islands, a city that floats on a whale, animals that change in appearance every time they sneeze and volcanoes that spit out bubblegum lava.

Author, Mia Cassany, has created the ideal picture book for older 5+ readers that will spark every child’s imagination. The pastel-coloured illustrations by Ana de Lima are jam-packed with interesting and thought-provoking images. The reader needs time to explore and think about each spread as they sail the wonderous journey through the Atlas of Imaginary Places.

I believe this book will make a great teaching resource, as each spread could be used as a story starter, as well as inspiring art creations and displays in the classroom. The maps on the end papers are ingenious. They encourage the children to develop not only their imagination but their observation skills. A great book for the class book corner and the ideal book for sharing with your child before bedtime.

This book review was previously published on the online Armadillo Children’s Book Review Magazine.

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