My Writing Tips

Here are some writing tips I have picked up over the years. They are not in any particular order.


  • From the moment you submit your manuscript be as professional as possible, remember you are trying to enter into a business agreement.
  • The hook is what really drives the book.
  • Create plot and characters you can’t leave when you start reading about them. The aim is to draw the reader into the book and keep their attention.
  • Have characters the readers can believe in.
  • Story and character are absolute key.
  • Pace is becoming faster as a lot of things are competing for attention.
  • You have to catch the reader in the first few sentences.
  • Find one line that sums up what your book is about.
  • Good self-editing is crucial.
  • Show don’t tell. If your character is anxious don’t say so, write what they are doing because they are anxious.

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