Book Review – The Poo that Animals Do

Title: The Poo that Animals Do

Written by: Paul Mason

Illustrated by: Tony DeSaulles

Published by: Wayland

The Poo that Animals Do

Are jellyfish smelly fish? What does it mean if a rhino kicks up a stink? How can elephant poo fuel a house? Find out many fascinating facts about animal poo, from modern day use to funny animal habits.

This is an innovative and informative book that will catch the eye of even the most reluctant reader. The Poo that Animals Do is full of exceptional snippets and fun facts all about different animal’s poo. The illustrations compliment the facts perfectly and add their own touch of humour.

There are three things I challenge the reader NOT to do when they flick through the pages of this book:

  1. I challenge you NOT to laugh;
  2. I challenge you NOT to hunt for the poo;
  3. I challenge you NOT to learn something.

A child may pick this book up because they think it is fun, silly or even a little bit naughty and they may spend their whole time giggling whilst they read, but when they finally put the book down they really will definitely have learnt something. It may be whether or not jellyfish poo, or how poo is used as camouflage, or even what humans use poo for. What they do with these impressive facts, I’ve no idea!

I believe this is an essential book for class book corners all over the world.

This book review was previously published on the online Armadillo Children’s Book Review Magazine.


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