Book Review – The Scallywags

Title: The Scallywags

Written and illustrated by: David Melling

Published by: Hodder Children’s Books

The Scallywags

This is a one of my favourite all time picture books. The Scallywags are a bunch of messy, noisy wolves who find it difficult to behave. They soon discover nobody likes bad manners and to be accepted by the other animals they will have to change their ways. David Melling’s illustrations of the wolves and their expressions will have you laughing in your seat.

His use of bold and patterned text are not just there for the sake of it but, compliment his wonderful illustrations. It is a brilliant book for reading aloud to the class or to your own children. Each of the wolves has its own distinct character, which make them stand out as individuals and extremely lovable.

The children will enjoy searching the pictures for the different ways the wolves try to improve their manners. But, I particularly liked the ending when all the other animals decide they preferred the wolves just the way they were at the start.

This book is ideal for sharing and would make the perfect addition to any book corner.

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