Book Review – The Girl with the Bird’s Nest Hair

Title: The Girl with the Bird’s Nest Hair

Written and illustrated by: Sarah Dyer

Published by: Bloomsbury

The Girl with the Bird_s Nest Hair

A little girl does not like brushing her tangled tresses, but when a varied selection of birds set up home in her hair, she knows she certainly cannot brush it and upset them. Nothing her mother says or does makes any difference, until one day when the birds become a little more than she can handle!

This is a beautifully illustrated book written in rhyming couplets. This book would be a joy to read aloud in the classroom, or could be used for guided reading, allowing time for the children to ponder over the illustrations to spot the different birds that nest in Hollie’s hair. Children will be able to easily identify with Hollie and the dilemma of having to have their hair brushed.

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