Book Review – Frankie Foster Pick ‘n’ Mix

Title: Frankie Foster Pick ‘n’ Mix

Written by:  Jean Ure

Published by: Harper Collins

All Frankie Foster wants to do is help people. She wear a tee-shirt that says Here to Help. She loves fixing people’s problems. But, her help is not always welcome as more often than not, she leaves disaster in her wake. Eventually though, Frankie does always fix things.

Pick ‘n’ Mix is the second book in the series about accident-prone Frankie Foster. Mum has agreed to let her friend’s daughter, Emilia, stay for a while so her friend can get a little respite. But, this means Frankie has to move out of her tiny attic bedroom and share her sister’s bedroom with Emilia, to her sister’s disgust. Frankie finds she has taken on more than she has bargained with Emilia, whose behaviour leaves a lot to be desired, creating some dramatic and very funny twists in the story.

The book is aimed at girls 9+ and is written in the first person. As with Jean Ure’s other novels, the characters leap off the page, making an immediate and lasting impression.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading Jacqueline Wilson’s and Anne Fine’s books.

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