Book Review – Two brothers and a Chocolate Factory

Title: Two brothers and a Chocolate Factory

Written by: Juliet Clare Bell

Illustrated by: Jess Mikhail

Published by: Bournville Village Trust

Two brothers and a Chocoalte Factory

Two brothers and a Chocolate Factory: The Remarkable story of Richard and George Cadbury is a beautifully written narrative non-fiction interlaced with quotes. It explains how the brothers Richard and George Cadbury endeavoured to make their father’s chocolate factory a success. They dreamed of making the world a better place to live and work despite all odds, sceptics and circumstance.

It would appeal to children who are fascinated by social history and also to those that just love chocolate and want to find out more how Cadbury became one of the biggest producers of chocolate in the UK.

Jess Mikhail’s use of colour to contrast the good times and the bad times in the illustrations compliments the text perfectly and adds depth. The detail given to the clothing, hairstyles and homes during Victorian times helps to bring the book alive.

This inspiring picture book would be a great addition to schools and libraries not only in Birmingham where it is set, but all over the world as it recalls how people can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. The theme of following your dreams echoes from every page.

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