The job of an editor

In my opinion an editors job is to see the book all the way through not just to edit it. Being an editor is not only about getting the book into a child’s hand, but getting the book noticed by parents, trade, bookstores and libraries.

Getting an editor to love your work is the biggest hurdle of all because what the editor does is become an advocate of your work within the publishing company. If your book fits into the list, it means the editor loves it and has transmitted that enthusiasm to others. There needs to be a shared passion for the book between writer and editor.


They love me, they love me not…

If an editor likes a book, they will take it to an editorial meeting, if others feel the same way as them it is then taken to an acquisition meeting, at which the editor has to convince the sales force and marketing people that this great book has commercial possibilities. They often spend a lot of money on marketing.


It is important to keep in mind that it is still your responsibility as the author to promote your book. As an author do not depend on the publisher to do all the work for you. You will need to organise your own book tours, your own school visits and your own merchandise.

The truth is you have to find the publisher that’s looking for the sort of book you’re writing, read my post on The Publishing World last week.  Capture their attention by being an original voice. Remember you are sending your manuscript to someone who reads over 500 a year. Ask yourself:

Would an editor jump off a bridge for this book?

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