Book Review – Littlest Magpie and the Star

Title: Littlest Magpie and the Star

Written by: Gill Hutchison

Illustrated by: Carol Daniel

Printed and bound by: David Barlow Printers

Littlest Magpie

Gill Hutchison was a dear friend and SCBWI British Isles member. After her tragic death her SCBWI network group (Central North) friends and family set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to publish her picture book. They raised £1,252 which was 42% of their goal and raised a further £592 through direct orders. The book was launched on November 12th 2016

The book is beautiful. It is about the Littlest magpie who loves shiny things and watches the stars in awe. This tender story encapsulates the themes of patience and perseverance as the little magpie tries to catch a star.A heart-warming story about growing up, friendship and believing in your dreams.

The illustrations are beautiful and portray the Littlest Magpie’s character perfectly. We can truly watch Little Magpie learn to fly and grow into an adult bird with a love of shiny objects.

Ideal for reading at Christmas.

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