Book review – Photo Adventures

Title: Photo Adventures

Photographs by: Jan Von Holleben

Text by: Monte Packham

Published by: Thames & Hudson

Photo Adventures

Ingenious! Such as brilliant idea. This book is full of fun ideas for children to enjoy experimenting with. It is not just a book about photography, it is a book about stretching your imagination to transform everyday objects and settings into incredible, zany and magical at. The children are encouraged to create scenes such as, flying through the air as a superhero, floating in space amongst the stars, deep-sea diving after treasure, swinging through a tropical jungle to growing extra arms and legs and dissecting your brain.

Jan Von Holleben is a professional photographer and his photographs throughout the book will inspire any child to step away from their games console or tablet. The only thing the child needs is digital camera or smartphone. A great way to keep the children amused and happy on rainy days whilst encouraging them to be creative. All the suggested ideas can be achieved in three to five easy steps.

Photo Adventures inside

The text is written by Monte Packman to support the photographs. It is often written in rhyming couplets, which helps to set the tone and adds to the entertaining nature of the book.

Photo Adventures is recommended for children aged 7 upwards (KS2) and some of the activities will need adult supervision. I believe it would be possible to adapt some of the activities for KS1, or nursery with more helpers. There is a photo school chapter at the end of the book, which is ideal for older children who have been inspired to take their interest in photography a step further.

This book review was previously published on the online Armadillo Children’s Book Review Magazine.

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