Book Review: She Rex

Title: She Rex

Written by: Michelle Robinson

Illustrated by: Deborah Allwright

Published by: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

She Rex

This is an exciting picture book all children will want to read again and again, not only those fascinated by dinosaurs. Written mostly in rhyming couplets this dynamic picture book challenges gender stereotypes in a fun way with a hilarious twist at the end.

There is an underlying theme of sibling rivalry, as Maisy is fed up with her brother Ed as he won’t share his toys, claiming his toys are for boys and not for girls, so she conjures up her own female dinosaur the ‘She Rex’ that is just as fierce, strong and loud as any boy dinosaur. In true brother and sister style Ed makes fun of the ‘She Rex’ but Maisy is not going to be out done and proves her dinosaur may be a girl but in no way could it be described as ‘girlie’.

Deborah Allwright’s use of a limited background for the illustrations highlights the colourful dinosaurs and their antics and draws the eye to the characterisation that will capture even the most reluctant readers imagination. I particular like the use of the use of multi-colour for the female dinosaurs rather than one single block colour.

A great book to stimulate discussion at home, or in the classroom, about gender stereotypes and also family relationships. She Rex could also be used to compliment topic work on dinosaurs.

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