Book Review: Merve the Forgetful Mouse

Title: Merve the Forgetful Mouse

Written by: June Linscott

Illustrated by: Rosie Perkins

Published by: Matador

Merve the Forgetful Mouse

This book is a fun and easy read for young pre-school and nursery children. It is written largely in rhyming couplets this book uses colourful text and different sized fonts to its advantage to create a memorable and heart-warming tale of Merve the Forgetful Mouse and how he forgets his way home. The illustrations are simple black and white drawings with a minimal colour palette that is fun and grabs the reader’s attention.

Merve may be forgetful but he is determined and inventive. It may have been more interesting a plot if Merve did not simply curl into a ball each time to avoid the predators it would have been nice to see other ways of escape.

But on the whole a good use of repetition and contains useful sight words that will encourage emerging readers.

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