Book Review: How Messy!

TitleHow Messy!

Written by: Clare Helen Welsh

Illustrated by: Olivier Tallec

Published by: Happy Yak

How Messy! by Clare Helen Welsh and Olivier Tallec

How Messy! is a simple yet effective text. Clare tells the story in only 116 words. The book is about Dot and Duck who go on holiday to the seaside. Dot finds Duck’s untidiness very frustrating. She likes things in their place – neat and tidy – but Duck prefers the more organic and creative approach. Read how they learn to cooperate and accept each others different personalities.

I love the way Olivier Tallec makes the action explicit through his vinaigrette illustrations. He uses a limited primary colour palette of yellow, red and green with a hint of blue, pink and orange. The expressions on Dot and Duck’s faces are superb. Other books in the Dot and Duck series are How Selfish! and How Rude!

This series of books would be ideal for KS1 and nursery children. They could be used as a starting point to stimulate discussions on manners, tolerance and accepting each others differences. Each story is very relatable and guaranteed to make the children laugh and maybe even gasp out loud at some of the character’s behaviour.

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You can read the interview I did with Clare Helen Walsh to mark the launch of How Messy! and to launch my journey into hosting blog tours here: Blog Tour – Clare Helen Welsh.

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