Book Review: Autumn Moonbeam Spooky Sleepover

To mark the Halloween festivities this weekend and tomorrow I am posting an extra-special book review of tingling proportions.



Title: Autumn Moonbeam Spooky Sleepover!

Written by: Emma Finlayson-Palmer

Illustrated by: Heidi Cannon

Published by: UClan Publishing

This ‘spell-tacular’ spooky sequel to Autumn Moonbeam Dance Magic is an eerie magical mystery. Join Autumn as she sets out to discover who, or what, is sabotaging their rehearsals at the Sparkledale Dance Academy and what exactly does it have to do with Autumn’s neighbour and rival, Serina Bloodworth.

This sequel is just as good as he first. I think what makes this book stand out from other early chapter books is each character has clear and distinguishable character traits. I love the way Zephyr, Autumn’s twin sister is always so neat and organised in direct contrast to Autumn and I like her best-friend Batty’s imaginative spooky story-telling, and how Leif tells such awful jokes and how Autumn has an inner struggle with her own confidence. Emma has cleverly given each character their own magical name that suits their characteristics and put a smile on your face.    

The illustrations by Heidi Cannon add their own magic as you can imagine these characters dancing off the page and around the room whilst you read.

This is a story of friendship and coo-operation, full of fun and sparkle. I can’t wait to read Autumn’s next sparklicious adventure.

I would like to thank Graeme Williams, part of the Moonbeam team, for organising a review copy for me and inviting me to return as part of #TeamAutumnMoonbeam.

You can buy copies of both Autumn Moonbeam Spooky Sleepover! and  Autumn Moonbeam Dance Magic! by Emma Finlayson-Palmer and Heidi Cannon from your local bookshop, or online at, an organisation with a mission to financially support local, independent bookshops.

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