Book Review: The Hologram and Other Sinister Stories

Title: The Hologram and Other Sinister Stories

Written by: Stuart Ross

Cover Design by: Marcus Bell

Published by: Blean Books

The Hologram and Other Sinister Stories by Stuart Ross

The Hologram and Other Sinister Stories contains ten strong character-led stories that drive the plot to its dramatic and often gruesome conclusion.

Stuart Ross never ceases to amaze me with his keen insight into human nature. Each of the short stories included in this anthology, contain poignant and resonating observations into peoples’ psyche. They left me contemplating the resolution and events leading up to them. An insightful examination of human nature.

Each story is very different and each has at its core a very different form of technology that contributes to the main character’s grizzly and haunting demise – from AI’s over-riding their programming, possessed holograms and lethal apps, the stories grip you from the start. There are hints of Stephen King and James Herbert with a technological twist, so rather than rats devouring the flesh, we have images online devouring the soul.  

If you enjoy menacing stories this is definitely the book to read.

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