Book Review: The Forgettery

Title: The Forgettery

Written by: Rachel Ip

Illustrated by: Laura Hughes

Published by: Egmont

The Forgettery by Rachel Ip and Laura Hughes

The Forgettery is a brilliant book that has a theme of memory and how things can be forgotten over time, touching on dementia in a sensitive and reassuring way. This fantastic picture book was one of my favourites for 2021. It is a celebration of love between a young girl and her Granny and has an amazing timeless quality.

Walking in the woods one day Amelia and her Granny stumble upon The Forgettery – ‘a place where you can find anything you have ever forgotten’ from ‘maps, moments and memories.’ Rachel Ip uses alliteration throughout the book to give the text a lyrical charm.

Each double-page spread is full of exquisite details for children to explore and discuss. I particularly like the warning sign of how memories may be delivered out of the blue, the draws full of all the odd socks, glasses, shoes and handbags and the use of colour that make the images fade and amalgamate into each other to give a dream-like illusion.

Although the word dementia is never mentioned there are hints that Granny’s memory loss is more serious by the things she has forgotten, things that she may do every day. The addition of making a memory book to help people remember their most treasured memories is lovely and I’m sure children will enjoy creating their own. The I also liked the excellent memory making advice on how to make beautiful new memories to remember and share. Children will enjoy sharing their ideas and carrying them out.

I believe this book l will be loved by adults and children alike and both will be happy to reread repeatedly, as it leaves you with a warm feeling of love.

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