Book Review: Wild Song

This week I am posting two book reviews. today the review is to celebrate the launch of Candy Gourlay’s latest novel, Wild Song.

Title: Wild Song

Written by: Candy Gourlay

Cover illustrated by: Leo Nickolls

Published by: David Fickling Books

The vivid descriptions in Wild Song by Candy Gourlay transport you to life in 1904 not only in the Bontok tribe but also life in America where the inequalities were abundant in this so called land of opportunities. There are a whole host of highly believable characters, in particular the main protagonist Luki, who has a clear, strong voice that carries the story well. I love the way she fights against male/female stereotypes and how she is an inspiration to others, not only in her tribe but also at the St Louis World Fair.

I was impressed with how tight and well-constructed the prose is, as every word of this novel serves a purpose. The dialogue is realistic and keeps the readers turning the pages. This emotional roller-coaster of a young adult novel is steeped in the Bantok history and culture. It is evident Wild Song has been well researched. The story left me thinking long after I’d finished the book.

A masterpiece of a novel.

You can buy copies of Wild Song by Candy Gourlay from your local bookshop, or online at, an organisation with a mission to financially support local, independent bookshops.

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