Book Review: Glow Up Lara Bloom

Title: Glow Up Lara Bloom

Written by: Dee Benson

Published by: Hot Key Books

Glow Up Lara Bloom is a great concept middle grade book, written in the style of an online diary and reminds me of the Angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging series by Louise Rennison.

When 14-year-old Olmara Bloom falls for the hot new boy, Caiden, she initially thinks the best way to get him to notice her is to give herself a glow up. She keeps a journal on a private online app, to keep it away from the prying eyes of her blackmailing brother, outlining her feelings, expectations and the often devastating consequences. The diary format really draws you in making this book a fun, quick and easy read.

With themes of self-confidence and identity in the light of peer pressure, Glow Up Lara Bloom realistically portrays the life of a teenager and the doubts and fears they face. I found myself laughing and crying with Lara and the devastating chaos that plagues her. I particularly liked the way, she comes to the empowering realisation she is better off being herself no matter how clumsy she is.

A truly hilarious coming of age story, suitable for upper key stage 2 and lower key stage 3 readers.

I would like to thank Antonia Wilkinson for organising a review copy of this book.

You can buy copies of Glow Up Lara Bloom by Dee Benson from your local bookshop, or online at, an organisation with a mission to financially support local, independent bookshops.

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