Book Review: Captain Looroll

Title: Captain Looroll

Written and Illustrated by: Matt Carr

Published by: Farshore Books (an imprint of Harper Collins)

To celebrate the launch of  Captain Looroll  by Matt Carr, I am posting an impromptu book review. When this book came though the post and I read the title I could not help smiling. What a brilliant concept for a picture book. I’ve not seen a picture book so disgustingly funny since Fungus the Bogeyman. Meet Captain Looroll and her arch nemesis Toilet-Troll.

In this brand-new, high octane adventure series, captain Looroll is super strong, endlessly long and brimming with courage. However, stuck in the deadly dull surrounds of the downstairs toilet, heroic adventures could not be further away. All that changes though, when along comes a very stinky villain named Toilet-troll. Together with her band of trusty sidekicks, Captain Looroll must use her 3-play powers to save the world from imminent – and extremely messy – destruction one toilet at a time.

Best-selling author-illustrator takes toilet humour to the limits in this wild rollercoaster of a picture book. Toilet-troll is one dastardly super villain who uses one stinky exploit after the other to implement his devious plan and Captain Looroll have to work together to stop him, proving team work can save the day.

The text is fast moving and the bold comic book style illustrations portray the fantastically disgusting antics perfectly. A great supervillain and loveable hero. I’m sure young children everywhere will love this book.

I would like to thank Sarah Sleath, publicist at Farshore, for sending me a review copy.

You can buy copies of Captain Looroll by Matt Carr from your local bookshop, or online at, an organisation with a mission to financially support local, independent bookshops.

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