Book Review: Libby and the Highland Heist

Title: Libby and the Highland Heist

Written by: Jo Clarke

Illustrated by: Becka Moor

Published by: Firefly Press

I enjoyed Jo Clarke’s first book in her debut middle grade series, Libby and the Parisian Puzzle, so much I just had to buy the second book in the series, Libby and the Highland Heist.

Jo Clarke did not disappoint with the second of her travelling school mysteries and neither did Becka Moor with her glorious illustrations. This time Libby and Connie are in Scotland and discover some of Connie’s family’s priceless paintings have gone missing. Libby sets about trying to solve the mystery and discovers secret passageways and another devious villain. We also get to meet some of the characters from the first book and learn more about Libby’s school friends. I particularly like how Libby starts to warm to Noah the boy whom she originally found irritating and the mysterious meeting with her mum, which hints at a deeper mystery to be solved over the series.

Libby and her friends work together drawing on each others strengths to help solve the mystery and catch the thieves. Another well plotted novel with fully-formed characters. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the third in the series. Will they ever get to New York?

You can read my review of Libby and Parisian Puzzle on my blog here: Book Review: Libby and the Parisian Puzzle

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