Book Review: Lizzy and the Cloud

Title: Lizzy and the Cloud

Written and Illustrated by: The Fan Brothers

Published by: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

Brothers, Eric and Terry Fan, have collaborated to produce this well plotted and elegantly executed picture book resulting in a magnificent timeless work of art children will cherish.

In a few words the Fan Brothers have created a well-rounded character who the reader can empathise with. We feel Lizzy’s joy when she buys a cloud from the cloud seller and names it Milo. In the beginning she follows all the rules that came with the cloud but in her desire to keep the cloud forever she starts to ignore the last rule. The cloud soon becomes too big for her room and we feel her dilemma as she has an important decision to make. At the end of the book she adds her own rule to the list she received when she bought Milo.

The subtle illustrations use a limited colour palette on a mostly grey backdrop. The little details will keep young readers enthralled, such as the detail in the park, the way cloud gradually changes from a fluffy white to dark grey, the rainbow each time it rains and the different shops in the street.

In the classroom, Lizzy and the Cloud, could be used to discuss loss and letting things go, such as anger, frustration, bitterness and accepting change.

This is a book to explore and treasure with a beautiful message young children will be able to relate to.

Here is a video of the book being read with an introduction from the Fan Brothers produced by Simon Kids:

I previously reviewed this book for the online book review e-zine, Armadillo Magazine.

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