Book Reviews: The Crazy Critters Coronation

Title: The Crazy Critters Coronation

Written by: Wellow House School Year 1

Illustrated by: Wellow House School Year 1 using Canva

Edited and compiled by: Melissa Foster

Published by: Amazon

To commemorate the coronation of King Charles III last weekend the Year One class in Wellow School, near Mansfield Otto have written and illustrated this charming little story where their school mascot, Otto the Owl, sets off on an adventure to invite animals from all over the world to his coronation.

With the guidance of their teacher, Melissa Foster, Otto flies to each of the seven continents where he meets a different animal who will come to his coronation and celebratory garden party. This book is an inspirational example of writing for a purpose.

Each of the animals were chosen by a different child in the class who had to think of describing words beginning with the same letter as their chosen animal. For example, the snake is slimy, slithery and sad, to create a brilliant display of alliteration on nearly every spread.

The illustrations were made by the children for their chosen animal using Canva.

This book would be a good resource to inspire your own children to create their own picture books for publication. You can buy copies of The Crazy Critters Coronation by Wellow House School Year 1 from Amazon:

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