Book Review – Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Title: Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Retold and illustrated by: Marcia Williams

Published by: Walker Books

Chaucer_s Canterbury Tales

This is an innovative picture book that deserves a mention in the book review slot of my blog. Geoffrey Chaucer’s colourful characters are bought magically to life by Marcia William’s witty comic-book style. She transports the reader back to Medieval England to join Chaucer and his merry band of pilgrims on their journey back to Canterbury. Enjoy their amazing tales and judge for yourself who should win the best story competition.

The tales have been captured by Marcia William’s ingenious comic-strips, which are full of action and humour. This re-telling of a great classic in picture book format, is best suited for the older KS2 child and would be a great asset for those studying Chaucer up to GCSE level.

This fantastic picture book includes all nine of Chaucer’s tales in the correct order – the knight, the miller, the reeve, the wife of Bath, the summoner, the clerk, the franklin, the pardoner and the nun’s priest. Even the most reluctant reader wouldn’t be able to resist exploring the pictures and reading aloud the olde English to gain a fuller understanding of the story’s meaning.

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