Writing for Children

I don’t believe writing is easy and I do believe writing for children is the most difficult of all. I have often wondered why I want to write for children. Why this market above any other?


The reason I am writing for children is partly I want to have a lasting effect on children’s lives. Yes, I remember reading the Narnia books and Enid Blyton stories when I was younger and I loved them. I look fondly back at these stories, which remind me of my childhood. But, this is only part of the reason why I want to write for children.

It is also partly the immense satisfaction I get from seeing myself published. I get a thrill when I see my words in print and I love to hear feedback that shows all my hard work is appreciated by others.

A big chunk of the reason I want to write for children is because I believe I understand children and how their minds work. I’ve always had an interest in Psychology. I did a degree with honours in Behavioural Sciences, which means I have a basic understanding of developmental stages, but it is more than this. I think I am more in tune with children’s emotions and imaginations than I am with adults.

Maybe, I have never grown up and I am still very child-like or childish myself. It is true; I’ve had my fair share of tantrums and setbacks. Again, I think it is more than this. I don’t like long flowery language and long descriptions. I find them boring. So the vocabulary I use naturally leans towards being punchy, attention grabbing and exciting, which is more suited for the younger reader. I love short paragraphs and lots of dialogue and definitely feel that dialogue is my strength.

Also, I have a very short attention span so tend to write in short, sharp bursts, which I think is more suited to writing for the younger age range. However, the most important reason I want to write novel for children is I love the challenge.

So, if you know why you have chosen to write in your particular genre or age group, whether it is for children or adults, please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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