Book Review – Remarkably Rexy

Title: Remarkably Rexy

Written and Illustrated by: Craig Smith

Published by: Allen & Unwin

Remarkably Rexy

The thing I love most about this book is the fantastic illustrations by Australian illustrator and children’s book writer, Craig Smith. It is a story about two cats competing for attention. Everybody loves Rex. He is the most dazzling cat on Serengeti Street. The school kids who pass by are always impressed by his moves… until one day, an interloper threatens to take all his attention away.

The beautiful detailed illustrations portray the cat’s features realistically that you can’t help falling in love with this extraordinary vain cat. If you own or simply adore cats this picture book hits the spot. It also comes with a link to a free audio reading, superbly read by Erick Mitsak.

I loved the wide array of vignettes that portrayed Rexy preparing to greet the children on their way home from school and how Pamela tries to out-cute him. I also liked the end papers showing Rexy so large, lounging over all the gardens in the street because they belong to him. Lots for children to explore in every illustration. A book to treasure and will have the children wanting you to read it over and over again.

This book review was previously published on the online Armadillo Children’s Book Review Magazine.

To find out more about Craig Smith, his books and amazing illustrations visit:

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