Book review – Star Bright the Christmas Fairy

Title: Star Bright the Christmas Fairy

Written by: Simon Allen

Illustrated by: Lucy Gilbert

Published by: Simon Allen

Star Bright

This independently published Christmas book is one of the better ones I have read this year. Many of the Christmas books I have looked at to review are too wordy, or simply not really about Christmas. They could be set anywhere at any time of the year whereas, Star Bright the Christmas Fairy is centred around Christmas in a true traditional Christmas story style.

Written in rhyme, with a theme of being thankful for what you have, this book tells the story of the Christmas fairy who dislikes being stuck at the top of the Christmas tree all through the festive celebrations so plans to have fun and party. However, her plans do not go as she imagines when she falls into Santa’s sack and is whisked away with him whilst he delivers all his presents.

The Christmas Fairy is worried she’ll never get back home but Santa carries her back in his sleigh and helps her to understand the important role she plays at Christmas time watching over the family from the top of the tree. The Christmas Fairy realises her lucky she really is.

The illustrations by Lucy Gilbert match the text perfectly. They are clear, uncluttered and entertaining. Young children will love to pour over these pictures whilst they follow the Christmas fairy on her adventures. The text has a melodious rhythm that the children will love to listen to again and again. A great book to read aloud at bedtime.

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