Book Review: Prime Suspect

Title: Prime Suspect – Suspect Identification System

Written by: David Holzer

Illustrated by: The Top That! Publishing team

Published by: Tangerine Press an imprint of Scholastic US

Prime Suspect - Suspect Identification System

Learn how to solve crimes by creating your own photo-fits and matching fingerprints. This book takes you through page-by-page the different skills required to solve crimes such as, making an e-fit using the CD-ROM, retrieving and studying fingerprints, interrogation methods and techniques and witness statements. There are many fun and interesting crimes to solve included in this book. They provide the reader with the chance to use the skills identified and see for themselves how and why they are used.

I think the CD-ROM is rather disappointing in the present climate of fast moving adventure games. The fingerprint database was too small to identify the fingerprints on the normal computer screen and would have to be enlarged on an interactive whiteboard. The photo-fit graphics are very simple and a little too basic for 9+ age range it is aimed at. Children today are use to creating miis on the wii and the Prime Suspect CD-Rom can not compete with this more advanced technology.

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