Life… but not as we know it

Now more than ever we need to stay positive, which is easier said then done.


As a freelance writer, you would have thought I was use to staying home all day and working and that is true but at the moment with a full house it is extremely difficult to work. Everyone is pulling on my time.

I have my husband, three children and three-year-old grandson at home and I was not prepared for how much they all eat. My first problem was that even though I had sorted evening meals for at least two weeks, I had not even thought about lunch. I had to do a special trip to the supermarket just to sort out lunches for six people each day. These will be coming to an end at the end of this week.

My second problem is that my daughter seems to think I am now her child minder. My time is monopolised by my grandson who is potty training, which leaves me very little time to work on my writing. Don’t get me wrong I love being with my grandson but I am slowly running out of ways and role play ideas to entertain him. Any ideas please post and let me know.


The third problem is snacks. I never thought about snacks. In fact my family snack a whole lot more than me. I am avidly doing Weight Watchers and have over the last few months weened myself off of snacking but I did not account for how many more snacks I’ve had to buy and have in the house. this makes it so difficult for me. The temptation to eat is now constantly here in the house.  I hope other people who are also trying to diet via WW or any other way can empathise how difficult this is. Any ways you can suggest to keep me on track is much appreciated.

Puffer fish

Another thing making it extremely difficult for me to stay positive is the very sad fact all events for my new books have had to be cancelled and now the publication of the other two books in the series, Squirrel’s Autumn Puzzle and Fox’s Winter Discovery, which were due out this September have now been postponed to next year, 2021 and I suspect this is September 2021 as they are seasonal books. 😦 So I am currently seeking ideas and advice on how to stay positive and publicise the two books that have been released in the A Year in Nature series. 

Also, my columns in Writers’ Forum have also been reduced as the magazine is printing the next issue and then there will be a five month gap during the lock down. This is because high street retailers, like W H Smiths, are obviously shut and the system for stocking magazines is being suspended in supermarkets. This will obviously effect sales. Disappointing but inevitable at this difficult time. I have let me authors know yesterday but very sad for everyone involved. 

So unfortunately, this has turned into a doom and gloom blog. I am in obvious need of cheering up. Positive comments welcome.

3 thoughts on “Life… but not as we know it

  1. Robert Billing

    I feel for you. I was an only child growing up in an area with few other kids, so I got used to being on my own. Because of this I tended to do huge projects building things in the school holidays. Would this help? Give the kids a few cardboard boxes and set them to build a castle or a spaceship. This could take days.

  2. claireflewis

    I can sympathise with the food issue, Anita – like you say, having everyone at home for lunches every day gets through so much food!! Also, I find it challenging coming up with new ideas for evening meals when supplies are more limited. I’m just using lots of garlic with everything (good for the immune system and as no-one is meeting other people there’s not such a problem of smelling of garlic the next day!). I have teenage children so am not having to entertain a small child, but I can imagine how difficult that must be day in day out. Does your grandson like painting? I’ve noticed Claire Powell (@misspowellpeeps) on twitter has been providing some really art activities for children under the hashtag #letsmakeartforfun (e.g. drawing with your eyes shut, drawing an elephant from circles, etc), though some of them might be a bit old for a three-year-old. Regarding finding time for writing – I’ve found my main problem is motivation at the moment, but I’ve got round that a bit by entering several writing / flash fiction competitions just for fun. I haven’t produced a single piece of artwork since all this started though – I just can’t settle to it! Sorry to hear about the delays to your books – I really hope you get some better news soon! Hang in there!


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