Inspirations from the Bookshelf – Lynn Stuart

For a recent issue of the SCBWI British Isles online magazine, Words & Pictures, I interviewed Lynn Stuart about what authors have inspired her writing. She explained that she is inspired by the work of Hugh Chesterman and Dr Seuss.

She told me how she was introduced to Hugh Chesterman after purchasing Number 11 Joy Street in 2007. The illustrations reminded her of the Dr Seuss books as both authors have a great sense of fun and adventure. Lynn elaborated that her most vivid memory of Dr Seuss is reading The Lorax to her daughter in 1995 and the enjoyment on her face.

“The more I read by Hugh Chesterman and Dr Seuss, the more I am impressed with them. It’s just my opinion, but I believe Dr Seuss was inspired by Chesterman in the same way he has inspired me.”

Lynn Stuart

Lynn recommends children’s authors should read The Lorax by Dr Seuss, as it is a book very much ahead of its time about industrialisation and its effect on nature.

To read the complete feature take a look at: Words & Pictures – INSPIRATIONS FROM THE BOOKSHELF Hugh Chesterman and Dr. Seuss.

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