Blog Tour – Why We Walk by Shannon Wilvers

Today I am excited to be joining the blog tour for Why We Walk by Shannon Wilvers.

When we walk we see things that we would have missed if we drove. Things like birds, cats, & squirrels. When we walk we have fun spending time together. We talk and learn how walking can help to care for our planet. Join Siena and her dad as they walk to school and discover every little step counts.

Why We Walk by Shannon Wilvers

This is the second book in the Siena’s Stories series. The first book, The Dance of the Snow Tractors, was named a top book for children in the automobile category by Newsweek magazine.


What inspired you to write Why We Walk?

My daughter asked me that real question as we walked to school. I thought it was a bit silly to see my neighbours pack their children in the car just to travel a few blocks to school. I cherish the time I spent walking to school with my daughter.

Who is the ideal reader for your book, Why We Walk?

I used to take my daughter to pre school reading time at the local library. I wanted a book to reach that audience. Age one to six.

How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

My process of writing did not really change, but now I constantly think about how daily activities and situations can be recorded in a picture book.

What advice would you give to help others create their picture book plotlines?

I use Microsoft Power Point. I add text to a slide and find a picture as reference for Shannon to draw. I am a loyal fan of legendary comic artist Neal Adams who passed away recently. Neal once told me that if you wanted good art, provide good references. I take that wisdom to heart.

Do you have a favourite spread in the book?

I am an avid bird watcher. The birds in the book are my favourite illustrations.

What is your favourite thing about writing for children?

Children light up when they see nice colourful pictures. I think the story is secondary but necessary.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Rachel’s Random Resources for organising this blog tour and to Shannon Wilvers or agreeing to be interviewed.

To view the rest of the blog tour take a look at the schedule.

1 thought on “Blog Tour – Why We Walk by Shannon Wilvers

  1. James Campanas

    As the author of Why We Walk, I would like to thank you for the wonderful review. Just a slight clarification, as the author, I go as Siena. The illustrator of the books is Shannon Wilvers. I am sure I made this error when I completed the interview.


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